12F33, 12F Series Aluminum Manually Adjustable Fans

For over 25 years AirFlo Cooling Technologies 12F Series fan has been an industry workhorse known for reliable performance, service life and durability. This time tested performer is enhanced and improved by the benefits of modern fabrication technology to provide a fan with greater durability and consistency.


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Blade Width

12 in

Blade Material

Fabricated Aluminum

Hub Dia.

15 in
24 in
33 in
45 in

Fan Dia.

6' - 15'

Dim. A


Dim. B


Dim. C

6 5/16

Dim. D

3 1/4

Dim. E

2 1/16

Dim. F


Dim. G


Dim. H


Dim. J


Dim. K

1 11/16

Dim. L

3 3/8

Material Specifications  


Shank - cast aluminum, ASTM B-26 SG70A (356-T6)
Skin - 5052 H32 aluminum sheet
Airfoil Spar - extruded 6005-T5 aluminum
Blade Tip - 1100-0 aluminum sheet


Plate Hub - high strength aircraft grade 6061-T6 or marine grade 5052-H32 aluminum plate
Cast Center Hub - cast aluminum, ASTM B-26 SG70A (356-T6)


Ductile iron

Product Features  
  • 12 inch wide fabricated aluminum blade.
  • Straight symmetrical airfoil - reversible for right or left hand rotation installations.
  • 5' to 20' diameter fans available with modern plate style hub in 15 inch, 24 inch, 33 inch or 45 inch hub diameter.
  • Manufactured on computer controlled machinery for accuracy and repeatability.
  • Available with factory applied corrosion resistant coating for salt laden or caustic environments.
  • Time tested air side and sound performance.
  • Supplied complete with QD style split taper bushing and all mounting hardware.
  • Available with stainless steel hardware.
  • Short lead times - quick deliveries.

Plate Hub Fan Parts List  

Item Description
1              Blade
2              Hub
3              Hub Bushing
4              Blade Clamp
5              Blade Clamp
6              Hub Bushing

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