Industrial Louvers

All AirFlo Cooling Technologies louvers use a bolted connection between the blade horn and the actuator rod. Heavy duty spring loaded manual operator will provide years of service. Engineering and trained customer service professionals assure order accuracy and that Airflo louvers comply with all applicable industry specifications. Welded aluminum side frame construction offers AirFlo Cooling Technologies customers the choices to match assembly methods to their needs for a wide variety of applications. Optional deep frame louvers allow clearance for all operating mechanisms and enclose the blades to ensure that screens or covers will not interfere with the opening and closing of the louver blades. Unique blade pin bushing design prevents rotation of the bushing in the frame, eliminating wear between the bushing and the frame. The 3000 Watt Laser Cutter allows customization of louvers to meet your needs without the time and expense of dedicated tooling and dies. Linkages use a clamp type connection to the torque tube for both 1 inch steel pipe and 2 inch aluminum style torque tubes.


Specifications · Options · Types of Operators


Mounting Configurations

Vertical or horizontal orientation


Louver Actuation Options

Opposed blade action with external actuation
Parallel blade action with external actuation
Parallel blade action with internal actuation

Material Options

Extruded aluminum blades and frame
Formed aluminum frame and extruded aluminum blades
Galvanized fabricated steel frame with aluminum blades

Optional Accessories

Bug screens
Hail guards
Remote operator mounts
Stainless steel blade pins


Custom build to the customers specifications.

Types of Operators  
  • Series 800 pneumatic operator
  • Fisher 656 Series operators
  • Garzo pneumatic operators
  • Johnson pneumatic operators
  • Manual handle operators
  • Grade level operators

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