800 Series Louver Actuator Pneumatically Operated

This rugged actuator was specifically designed for operating louvers when mounted in either vertical or horizontal orientations. The Series 800 actuator is manufactured with no brass or copper components which are prohibited in some process applications.


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Operating Temperatures  

Max. Temperature Rating

180 ºF

Min. Temperature Rating

-40 ºF

Data and Specifications  

Stem Forces

620 pounds net extending force with 30 psig supply air.
320 pound net retracting force (spring preload)

Stem Travel

3.5 inches total travel.


42 pound without positioner.
44 pounds with positioner.

Product Features  
  • Low center of gravity for horizontal mounting
  • Supply and instrument air passages are internal and all working parts are fully enclosed.
  • Available with special diaphragms and seals for high temperature applications when necessary.
  • Optional positioner provides close temperature control and faster response for critical applications.
  • Stainless steel travel stem means years of trouble free operation without sticking or binding form corrosion on the stem.
  • Economical alternative to more expensive valve operators.
  • Includes the clevis for connection to the louver.
  • Series 800 actuators are 100% tested for leak free operation prior to shipment.
  • Repair parts are readily available.
  • Short lead times - quick deliveries.

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